Day 4

Day 4 – Thursday 14th November 2013



So as you may know I have been taken on as One to One Support Services newest apprentice to see if a fairly lazy, slightly boring radio presenter has what it takes to do what they do. Well, today, I had a preliminary answer!

I had chat with Tracy and Joanne who are line managers at One to One Support Services, having worked their way through the thorough recruitment process that they put all their candidates through. Today, I was put through a preliminary interview as well as having my application form assessed, a process which I… failed. Well, I nearly passed, I got 54% in my interview and the minimum to be put forward through to the next recruitment phase was 56%, so a near pass is still a pass in my eyes, although I don’t think the interviewers, Jeanette and Tracy, would have agreed. However, One to One recognise potential and would have put me forward through their training programme, so I could retake the preliminary test.

If they believe you have the right characteristics to be a carer they will do everything in their power to fulfil your potential, that’s the sort of business they operate, which is very refreshing in this day and age. I spoke to a few members of staff and they all agree that you need to be empathetic and adaptable to become a carer. Qualities that if you think you possess One to One would be able to make the most off. If you are interested in a care career, get in touch with One to One support services and call them on 01246 200018. Make sure you’re at Vicar Lane shopping centre on Saturday as they will be down there with application forms and lots of information for you. 

Tomorrow, I have a big interview with Melanie Ulyatt, the boss of One To One, to see how I’ve got on in the week. Find out how it goes tomorrow!