Day 3

Day 3 – Wednesday 13th November 2013



Today was day three of my apprenticeship with One to One Support Services, where I got the opportunity to meet some of their real life apprentices, as well as the people who they care for. It was a really enlightening experience.

I went with Claire to St. Michael’s Nursing Home, where I met Jenny, Laura and Shannon, three care workers who had been through the One to One experience. The work that they undertake on a daily basis makes a huge difference to the lives of those they care for. Laura told me that they cater for the needs of each individual, a task that I imagine can provide quite a variety of scenarios! Having spoken to them for some time this afternoon, they were genuinely passionate about their work and helping people, all of which were traits that they agreed should be displayed by someone interested in taking up a care career. The work they do is incredible, all made possible by the training provided by One to One Support Services.

I also spoke to Melissa who coordinates finding jobs and courses for the apprentices. She explained that a very high number of apprentices that come to One to One Support Services go on to achieve higher education or find employment, a role that she finds very satisfying.

Make sure you keep up to date with my week with One to One Support Services on air from 10, and check back in tomorrow to find out how I get on in my provisional interview to see if I’ve got what it takes to become a care provider with One to One Support Services.