The Ashgate Hospice £1 Million Appeal

These days £50 doesn't seem to go very far, you can spend it on a meal out and still feel hungry! Or you could donate it to ASHGATE HOSPICE CARE and watch it go a very long way.

Ashgate Hospicecare needs to raise an extra £1 Million urgently to keep its beds open. Please help by pledging to raise or donate just £50 over the next two years and help your local hospice’s urgent bed appeal. You can donate online at ashgatehospice.org.uk or phone Chesterfield 567250.

Why does the Hospice need to raise an additional £1 Million over the next two years?

  • We have increased our inpatient beds from 17 to 21 to meet the growing demand for our specialist services.
  • To keep these extra beds open we need to raise an additional £250,000 this year and next year to fund the extra nurses.
  • We also need to make £500,000 worth of improvements to our three bedded bays including the addition of bathrooms to each bay to ensure each patients dignity and privacy is maintained.
  • This means we have to raise an additional £1 Million over the next two years on top of the current amount we need to raise each year to keep our services running. Without the additional beds, we will have a waiting list.

Why is it so important our listeners dig deep and raise vital funds for the appeal?

  • We increased our inpatient beds to meet the growing demand for our specialist services
  • However there is a real threat that without raising the extra funds and therefore offering these additional beds, we will have a waiting list.
  • We are also very proud that all of the services we provide are free but in order to continue with the work that we do we are calling on the local community to help us raise funds to keep our beds open.
  • Our fundraising appeal will enable us to keep 21 beds open at the hospice, which we so desperately need to do.

Is the £1 million that needs to be raised over the next two years in addition to what needs to be raised each year?

  • Yes we need to raise another £1million on top of what we currently have to raise each year.
  • Although we provide our services for free, they aren't free to provide.
  • It costs £6.8 million to run our services.
  • This year, we need to raise £4.3 million to ensure we can continue to provide vital services to local people and their families
  • We need to raise an additional £1 Million to keep all 21 inpatient beds open.

How can people go about helping Ashgate Hospicecare with the appeal?

  • Please help us by pledging to raise or donate £50 over the next two years
  • That's just 50p a week
  • You can do this is a number of ways:
    • Make a donation
    • Organise an event
    • Take part in an Ashgate Hospicecare event
    • Get your workplace involved
    • If you're a business, you can talk to us about what products and services you might be able to help us with
  • £1 million sounds a lot, but every single pound really does make a difference
  • Take a look on our Facebook page, join in and make the pledge!
  • Or you can donate now on our JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/urgentbedappeal/

For more information on the appeal, please visit our website www.ashgatehospicecare.org.uk or call 01246 567250.

Thank you so much for supporting Ashgate Hospicecare.
Registered Charity No. 700636


Key facts about Ashgate Hospicecare

  • Ashgate Hospicecare is a local charity providing free care to people with any life-limiting illness across North Derbyshire
  • Ashgate Hospicecare helps people to live for every day
  • One in three people are touched by hospice care
  • Ashgate Hospicecare cared for 2,126 patients and their families in 2013 - and 454 patients in our 21 bedded in-patient unit
  • Ashgate Hospicecare is proud to offer a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, family and bereavement support staff, art therapists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, complementary therapists and chaplains who provide care at the hospice and in the community
  • Referrals to our inpatient unit went up by 19% in 2013
  • 50% of patients who are admitted to our inpatient unit return home after their symptoms have been managed
  • Legacies and donations generate 66% of the total funds we need each year to run the hospice.

Here are some of the things you
could buy

  • £6 could pay for an activity book for a bereaved child to help them remember their loved one who has died;
  • £10 could pay for a leg raiser to help a patient get out of bed
  • £350 could pay for a course of lymphoedema to reduce disabling swelling for a cancer patient
  • £1,899 could pay for a specialist hospice bed system that prevents pressure ulcers
  • £1,200 could pay for a syringe driver that gives patients better pain control