Cable Car Karaoke - T's & C's

Contestants have 5 songs to choose from. Contestants cannot request a different song
Only one song can be chosen by each contestant
Contestants must agree to being filmed in the cable car whilst they sing and agree to video and picture content being shared on social media and online by Peak FM and The Heights of Abraham
Contestants must be available on one of the three dates shown between the times of 11am and 2pm
Contestants selected to take part will be contacted in advance of their chosen date and will be given a time slot to attend
Not all entries will automatically be selected to take part. Participation is dependant on overall application numbers and time slot availability
Presenters present from Peak FM may help sing along with contestants, unless specifically asked not to
If contestants are taking part as a duet and are selected as the overall winners the £1,000 will be shared
Main entrant must be aged over 18. If a child is present they may sing a long with their accompanying adult
Maximum of 2 people will be allowed in the cable car, including 1 adult over 18
Contestants enter the cable car at their own risk. Please take note of any health and safety instructions on site.
The overall winner will be announced during the Breakfast Show on June 24th 2019. Judges decision is final.
Prize of £1,000 to be paid after 28 days