Jewels of Chesterfield Crown :: Rosebuds

Name – Madison Oldfield

About Madison – I would like to be a Rosebud because i love to dress up and look pretty and have my hair done in pretty styles and i think it would be really fun to be a part of the carnival! I've been to galas and carnivals before to watch the parades and the girls look really pretty I would love to be a part of it. 
I like to dance and go to dancing class, playing dress up with my princess outfits, going to the park and for days out to nice places. I enjoy going to nursery where i can play with my friends, gardening with my granddad, baking with my Nanna, playing with my puppy Elsa and playing with my brother Oliver and my toys.
It would mean a lot  to me I'd really love to be a Rosebud and to make my school, my mummy, daddy and all the people that love me proud and I would be proud to represent the place where i live.
I think I could offer beauty and girly-ness  to this special event I am well behaved but know how to have fun and love to look pretty :)
Name – Shayla McDonald

About Shayla - Shayla is a very outgoing young lady and loves every opportunity to dress up.She is one of the youngest members of the local Stagecoach drama and dance group.
Name – Faith Venn

Age – 7 Years

About Faith – I would like to help raise money for kids n cancer as cancer is a horrible illness and if we raise money we can help make people better. I will have already done race for life by then with my mum that is for cancer research and will help people get better from cancer too. I will collect more money for Kids n Cancer on the day as I like raising money to help people.
I would like to wear a pretty dress and make people smile and my mum says if I get through she will learn to do French plaits so my hair looks pretty she is rubbish at them right now!
I like to walk my dog Lucy, I like making things like bracelets and cards, I like to raise money for charities by doing fun things, I like listening to music One Direction is my fav. 
It would mean alot to me Chesterfield marathon is raising money for a brill charity which is amazing and I would love to be a part of that. 
I love carnivals too everyone has fun and is happy and smiling when there is a carnival.
I think I could help make people smile and I could get some fundraising ideas from there. 
I can show people that even if you feel poorly or you feel sad there is always something you can do to help other people.
Name – Jessica Sarah Hopkinson

Age – 3 Years

About Jessica – Jessica is a bright and lovely girl that is a twin to her brother Darryan. As Darryan has been poorly she has been a big help in helping Darryan to get better and being very caring for a 3 years and 10 months old. They are the best of friends, even thou they are brother and sister. Jessica lives in Bolsover, near Bolsover castle and she says that "she a princess living near a castle". It would be a dream come true for Jessica to be a Rosebud for under 8 years. Thank you.
Name – Imogen Clark

Age – 7 Years

About Imogen – Imogen is a really thoughtful, talented and caring 7 year old. Imogen loves dancing, singing, gymnastics and crafts. At Christmas time Imogen came up with the idea of making Christmas cards to sell to raise money for Rainbows Childrens Hospice. Sadly when Imogen was one she lost her dad to a brain tumour and he spent out last few days in a hospice. However Imogen does not let this hold her back and she makes the most of life. Imogen loves dressing up and it would make her day to be given the opportunity to be Rosebud for the day.
Name – Ruby Neve Allen

Age – 5 Years

About Ruby – Hi my name is Ruby - the coolest girl in town, I'm desperate to be a Rosebud, so spread the word around! I'm happy, I'm fun - and clever too. So please choose me - I'm begging you to! 
I'd love to be a Rosebud to be able to be part of the first ever Chesterfield Marathon!  It would be amazing to be part of such an exciting event, and to represent my local town.  
Singing and dancing, and music is my game, My mummy and daddy say I'm destined for fame! 
I attend Susan's dance school in Eckington where I do ballet and tap.  I love singing, dancing and music.  I am also learning to play the piano.  I also love playing with my friends and my baby sister. 
If I was chosen to be a Rosebud - it would put the BIGGEST smile on my face ever!!!  I would be really privileged to be able to represent where I live, and to be part of the Chesterfield Marathon. 
My Mummy tells me that I have THE bestest smile in the whole wide world...so I'd like to show Chesterfield my smile!  I love dressing up and pretending I'm a Princess - I truly believe I'd make a fabulous Rosebud - so I'd like to show everyone in Chesterfield that if you REALLY REALLY want something, if you try hard enough, you can make your dream come true.
Name – Elsie - Louise Matthews

Age – 4 Years

About Elsie – Elsie is a very happy helpful 4 year old she is a pleasure to know. She sings and dances and loves reading stories to family friends and teddy bears.
Name – Charlotte Rose Bond

About Charlotte – Charlotte is a happy little girl. She enjoys dancing and playing with friend. She enjoys school and has been a petal thrower at the Hasland Gala. She is a brave little girl she lost her beloved Grandad two days before she was born and kept her family smiling at some traumatic times. She suffered with pneumonia in Jan 13 and is under Sheffield Childrens Hospital Respiratory team. She is really brave and always brings joy to her family.
Name – Elissia Summer Priest

Age – 4 Years

About Elissia – Elissia is 4 years old and has 3 brothers, she is a little star and puts her all into everything she does, Elissia loves singing and dancing and dressing up and is very photogenic and she goes out of her way to help her friends and teachers at nursery, Elissia is always helping other people and always puts other people first, she always takes younger children under her wing, Elissia will give anything a go and give it her all.
Name – Keira Kirkwood

About Keira – Keira is beautiful , caring , so thoughtful with her words, kind, honest and jovial. Keira loves pets , very kind and caring, very friendly, honest , loves to read and try her best in everything she does , Keira has always wanted to be a rosebud/princess for the day , she would love to do this.
Name – Natishya Tuwacha

Age – 4 Years

About Natishya – Natishya is 4 yr old. At the moment she is a Hasland Gala Petel and has been for the last year but her time in nearly over and I know she doesn't want to stop doing it.
Name – Tamika Tuwacha

About Tamika – Tamika has been involved in carnival since she was 4. She’s done a year as a Hasland Petel and a year as a rosebud. She has also been an Arthritis Research UK rosebud as she’s coming to the end of her year she asked to take part in Chesterfield Carnival she loves going out to new places and wearing beautiful dresses and she really enjoys doing it and always has a smile on her face!
Name – Lucy Brooks

Age – 6 Years

About Lucy – Lucy is an adorable smiley little 6 year old. All she does is smile and likes to wave a lot as well.