Jewels of Chesterfield Crown :: Queens

Name – Lauren Eastwood

Age – 19

About Lauren - Studying sport and exercise science at college, my hobbies are dancing and running. 19 years old. Favourite colour is pink. I have a VW beetle.
Name – Sophie Long

About Sophie - Sophie has been doing boxing for four years and is very into her fitness. She is currently studying fashion and clothing and is hoping one day to own her own clothing business or even have her own boutique. Sophie also did Irish dancing for nine years which she enjoyed a lot she also likes to spend time with her family especially her granddad. She also enjoys going to watch the ice hockey at weekends, sophie applied for London school of modelling and even got a callback after applying
Name – Charlotte Makin

About Charlotte - I have lived and worked in Chesterfield all my life, currently work at Nonnas and love life!
Name – Emily Wallace

About Emily - I am currently applying to be in the RAF Reserves and have a passion for flying.
My Grandma is the current mayor of Chesterfield and I work at JobLot.
I'm really looking forwrad to being part of the RAF and making a difference.
Name – Sophie Rawson

About Sophie - I'm currently studying marketing at Liverpool Uni!
Love fashion and I am planning on going travelling all round the world next year.
I would love to be the Carnival Queen to win the Model Mentor makeover!