Jewels of Chesterfield Crown :: Princesses

Name – Abigail Rush

Age – 9 Years

About Abigail - I would like to be a carnival princess as this last year has been hard for me , I've been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease this means I inject between 4-6 times per day and have found this really hard to adjust to my new life. I love to go to Chesterfield FC with my dad and follow the spireites!! I also love to horse ride and have 4 horses of my own , I also kick box with the Kick Boxing Academy at Bolsover and I have gained a lot of confidence since joining. Being a carnival princess is something that I would love to do I have lots of qualities that I feel would make me a great princess as I'm very caring and kind and I try to help my parents with little jobs, I also would like to do some charity work to help with Diabetes UK.
Name – Molly Ward

Age – 12 Years

About Molly - I would like to be the princess of the Chesterfield Marathon and Carnival to allow me to dress up in a beautiful big dress.
I have numerous hobbies including riding my stunt scoter, attending Chesterfield disabled young people and children’s charity Fairplay twice a week. I love fashion, makeup, nails, hair, swimming and ice-skating.
It would be a great honour to represent Chesterfield which would also allow me to promote the local charity Fairplay.
I have a lot of qualities some being bigger than others these include me being a very proactive, determined and full of energy young person.
Name – Lannis Finney

Age – 12 Years

I would like to be part of the Chesterfield marathon carnival royalty as it's a special occasion and I would really enjoy the experience.
  I am an animal lover!! but mum won't allow me to own one :-(  so I enjoy walking my friends dogs as she has leukaemia and can't walk far. And I love going horse riding at mum's friends farm.   It would be such a special day to be dressed up posh as I am usually in my wellies ! And I would be proud to be there.  I would cheer on the marathon runners and encourage them to the finish 
Name – Della Dannatt

Age – 13 Years

About Della - Della is currently Arthritis Research Junior Queen. Della is 13 years old is a little shy but when putting on her Dress and has had her hair done, she is a radiant young lady bursting with pride. If Della was chosen to represent Chesterfield she would do it with pride! Della is a dedicated young lady and loves everyone she comes across and so do they her. Della as just got that natural beauty about her.
Name – Chloe Parkes

About Chloe - 
I would really like to be chesterfields marathon carnival princess because I want to show that children with cancer can get better and achieve anything they want to.
I have many hobbies but my favourites are arts/crafts, singing and dancing.
It would mean a lot to me to represent the chesterfields marathon carnival 2014 as it would be very nice to be known for something good and not just the girl who nearly died from cancer.
I have a few qualities I could offer this event even though I have been left with a few disabilities from having a brain tumour. I am still very confident, easy to get on with and love meeting new people.
Name – Helena Bond

About Helena - Helena is personality princess for Ashgate Hospice because she wanted to thank the hospice for looking after her Grandad and helping her family. Her Grandad very sadly passed away in 2009 two days before Helena’s sister was born. Helena really put a smile on her Grandads face and helped him during his illness and helped her family especially her mum and grandma who were grieving and also having to look after her new born sister. We could not have done this without Helena who was 5 at the time. Helena is a very caring young lady who would love to represent Chesterfield.
Name – Madison Stuart

About Madison - I would really like to be the carnival princess to show my support for children with cancer. My hobbies are dancing, swimming and horse riding. 
It would mean such a lot to me to represent the chesterfield marathon. I can offer my support and taking part in this wonderful event.
Name – Sophie Kenward

Age – 8 Years

About Sophie – Sophie is amazing and a very clever girl. My daughter Sophie is my rock.
She has had to cope with so much change over the last few years and has always been so fantastic as coping with the changes. 
She has had to cope with me being ill and her older brother who has disabilities and has been extremely ill and in and out of hospital then she has had to deal with changing schools and homes twice within a year.
Sophie has always smiled and kept me focused on making sure everything and everyone in our home is looked after. 
She looks after me and makes me proud ever day she is so special. 
My daughter has kept me sane and motivated as she always just adapts so well to whatever changes happen.
She also loves dancing and singing and reading and loves to be with her dogs especially her dog India the Chihuahua.