10 Facts

So seeing as we are new to Peak FM we thought we would reveal 10 top things about ourselves

Stu Haycock

1. I used to go out with Miss Nude UK.
2. I once kissed Louise Nurding (Redknapp now....grrr)... and she liked it!
3. I've a strange dislike of brown and soft grain bread.
4. Lived in Dubai for 18 months.
5. Nearly signed pro with Port Vale.
6. Won an international silver medal at 1500 metres in school boy championships at Birmingham's Alexandra Stadium.
7. I'm more Irish than English!
8. I know all the words to Queen's entire back catalogue!
9. My daughter and I do a killer dance to Uptown Funk.
10. My son's about to undergo a liver transplant.


Cat Kilvington

1. Attended a celebrity wedding (Sanjeev Baskar and Meera Syal) met Dawn French Lenny Henry, Michael Parkinson. 

2. Travelled to Berlin for a date 

3. I am related to Captain Cook 

4. As a child I had a pet snail called Brian. 

5. I am terrified of snakes… can't even look at a picture. 

6. I can count to ten in Welsh and ask your name in Japanese. 

7. I am a crazy cat lady but don’t have a Cat 

8. I have climbed Snowdon mostly in the dark 

9. I know all the words to the fresh prince of bel air theme tune. 

10. I write song lyrics and have recorded a song with Ed Sheerans producer