Darren Antrobus

Darren Antrobus is the man to call when anybody is off on their jollies of off with the lurgy.

We asked him some questions so you can get to know him a bit better.

Full Name? Darren Antrobus

Nickname? Partybus because I can party and I am built like a bus! I also get called Darren Autobahn at Peak FM.

Where are you from? Stoke on Trent.....we all have out faults!

Highest Award in Education? A in Another detention.

Favourite Song? The 2 Phil's, Collins and Bailey with Easy Lover.

Favourite Thing About Peak FM? They pay my wages...and the great fun I have everyday.

Favourite Place in North Derbyshire? I love Bakewell, beautiful town with great surroundings.

Describe Yourself In Three Words? Short bald and........

Have you ever been mistaken for Stavros Flatley? YES!!!