Meet Craig Bailey

Say hello to Craig!

Yorkshire born, in fact originally from Doncaster! What can I say apart from I suppose I quite like the fact that you lot think i'm huge and old.

What do I think about Peak FM?
Easy, I completely love this station, I love the fact that it prides itself of being truly local, I love the fact that the station allows me as a presenter to communicate with you just like you were my mate down the pub, and I love the people of North Derbyshire, I have been at Peak FM for just under a year and you lovely lot have taken me to your hearts, thank you so much for that.

Radio has a short lifespan for every presenter  but if I could spend the next ten years at this station then I would, it feels like home.

Why should you listen to the show between 10am and 2pm
Again, easy answer, Because you can choose another station with another presenter who will bang on about the music all day long and be nothing more than background noise, or you can listen to my shows and actually be a part of it and interact with me and have a good laugh with me every day.


Please get in touch with me, it's amazing when you contact me so do it! email me, Snapchat, TEXT, Phone, I don't care how, just do it!