It's Homeless Week


It’s Homeless Week on Peak FM


There are around 5000 unoccupied homes across North Derbyshire but the number of rough sleepers has risen more than 300% since 2010

The Peak FM news team are on the streets all this week with Derbyshire Outreach who’ve helped get more than 120 people off the streets in the last year

We’ll be finding out about the issues surrounding homeless people in North Derbyshire in a series of news shorts we’ll run on-air on Peak FM



Derbyshire Outreach heads out in the early hours of the morning to respond to new referrals and visit known rough sleeping sites in Chesterfield in order to make contact with people who are vulnerable, alone and sleeping on the streets of the town.

Team members work tirelessly to build up trust with those people and help them access support and accommodation.

Latest Government statistics showed the number of rough sleepers in Derbyshire rose by 317 per cent between 2010 and last autumn.

Find out more on how you can help

Derbyshire Outreach 

Chestefield Borough Council