May The Best Man Win competition rules

Rules of entry

Registration opens on Monday 24th August 2015 at 06:00 hours
Registration to enter closes at midnight on Sunday 6th September 2015
To enter you must be over 18 years of age
Entrants must enter themselves only into this competition. Peak FM will not accept a nomination from a third party
Entrants must be in a position to get married and hold their reception at the Rutland Arms Hotel in Bakewell before the end of 31st July 2016
A judging panel will select two finalists and the judges decision is final
Judging will be based on questions answered on line and via an interview process
If selected a short list of entrants must be able to attend Peak FM on W/C 7th September 2015 
The two finalists must be available to be on a live call with Breakfast on Monday 14th September at 8.15am
The two finalists must be available on Wednesday 16th September, Thursday 17th September and Friday 18th September 2015 to complete the ‘May the Best Man Win” challenge
Contestants must note that they may be away for longer than 48 hrs and must factor their return journey into the planning
Peak FM can not be held responsible for how long a contestant will be away
The winner must be able to take part in photos and press opportunities as and when requested by Peak FM
The prize as detailed from the Rutland Arms Hotel is non-negotiable or transferrable
Peak FM will not be held responsible for injuries, criminal offences, accidents or loss of personal belongings.
Entrants to this competition do so entirely at their own risk.
Entrants must have access to social media and be conversant in it (Twitter and Facebook primarily) 
Applicants must not source help from other parties until official launch by Peak FM (entrants will be informed of this by Peak FM Staff member)


The Challenge Rules

The challenge will start at 8.15am on Wednesday 16th September 2015
The challenge will end at 8.15am on Friday 18th September 2015
Each Groom will be given £50 to spend on travelling
The £50 is the maximum amount that the Groom (and accompanying presenter) can spend on travelling
The Groom must have photographic proof of the challenge ie getting on a bus/train/boat/plane
The Groom must provide proof that no more than £50 has been spent on travelling by them or the accompanying presenter
Receipts for the £50 must be provided
Family and Friends are not allowed to pay for or provide any means of travel
Should it be uncovered that a family member or friend has paid for travel then the contestant will be immediately disqualified
Social media may be used to access help from third parties
Photographic proof of the final destination must be provided and dated
The winner will be the Groom who has reached the furthest geographical location from Peak FM at 8.15am (UK time) on Friday 18th September 2015
If the Groom is not available for the reveal at 8.15am on Friday 18th September 2015 then the prize will be given to the remaining contestant subject to them being available
Distance from Peak FM will be calculated as the crow flies using a recognised distance calculator
The judges decision is final on distance from Peak FM
The Groom must be able to get himself and accompanying presenter home. This does not have to be within the 48 hour challenge time limit but must still be without exchanging any more than the £50 provided
Peak FM and the Rutland Arms Hotel will not pay for the return journey of any party. The return journey forms part of the challenge
Contestants must not arrange travel to a part of the UK or beyond that they are unable to travel back from with no funds
Each Groom will be given the same information and contact sheet to use in their challenge
Accompanying presenters can not use their own personal contacts to help with the challenge
The Groom or accompanying presenter can not use their own vehicles as part of the challenge
In the unlikely event of both Grooms making it to the same location, or reaching a location with the same distance from Peak FM a tie breaker question will be used to determine a winner
Judges decision is final on the tie break winner

Wedding Venue
Wedding to take place between Monday 21st September 2015 and 31st July 2016 subject to hotel availability at The Rutland Arms Hotel Bakewell.
Excludes Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.
Prize package is for 70 day guests and 70 evening guests.
Prize includes a civil ceremony for 70 guests, arrival glass of bubbly for 70 guests, wedding breakfast for 70 guests with 2 glasses of wine per person from the Rutland Arms Hotel ‘Devotion Package’.
Room hire for both the day and evening event. Evening buffet for 70 guests and wedding disco. A four poster bedroom (subject to availability) for the bride and groom on the wedding night.
The following will not be included in the wedding package (transport, flowers, chairs covers, table decorations, guest rooms, photographer, rings, dresses, suit hire)
Additional supplements can be added to enhance the package further including upgraded arrival drinks, upgraded menu, chair covers, table decorations and flowers, evening entertainment, canapes, wine on the table. Details of such supplements will be available post competition from the Rutland Arms Hotel, Bakewell.
Evening event must be held at the Rutland Arms Hotel, Bakewell.
Accommodation for wedding guests can be arranged, however room rates are subject to hotel availability and discounted rates cannot be guaranteed.
Strictly subject to availability of hotel on the date requested
No Cash alternative. No Transfers. Once your date is confirmed no amendments will be accepted
The winner is responsible for planning and coordinating the wedding in conjunction with the services of the hotel wedding planner. (Rutland Arms Hotel, Bakewell)
Peak FM has no involvement in the planning or organising of the event