Ashgate Hospice

Ashgate Hospice relies greatly on the generosity of the general public to ensure our vital services continue to be provided. Currently, it costs over £4.8 million each year to provide high quality care and support services to our patients and families, free of charge. £2.8 million of this needs to be raised purely through fundraising and from the generous support of people like you.

Whether you decide to make a cash donation, give regularly, leave a gift to Ashgate Hospice in your Will or support Ashgate Hospice with a fundraising event, your support is greatly appreciated. There are many other ways you can help.

How your donations are used:

  • £5 will pay for a patients daily meals ·
  • £10 will pay for one hour’s care for an in patient in the hospice ·
  • £20 will pay for play therapy materials for a bereaved child ·
  • £25 will pay for a highly skilled Specialist Palliative Day Unit once per week ·
  • £50 will pay for clinical supplies for a patient for one day ·
  • It costs £45 per hour to run our Specialist Palliative Day Unit ·
  • It costs £104 to maintain our Macmillan Service ·
  • It costs £160 for a patient to attend our Specialist Palliative Day Unit once per week (including therapy services, consultant times, meals and transport) ·
  • £175 will pay for 10 hours of nursing time ·
  • It costs £253 per hour to run the In Patient Unit ·
  • It costs an average of £363 per patient in pharmacy costs for an in patient stay ·
  • £999 will buy a syringe driver to help control pain ·
  • £1,500 will purchase a hydraulic mattress to ensure a patients comfort ·
  • £2,450 covers the cost of our weekly home care service ·
  • £6,300 is the average cost per inpatients’ care ·
  • £4.8 million is required by Ashgate Hospice this year to continue providing our vital services


Did you know

  • Ashgate Hospice nurses care for 365 in-patients every year and make more than 3,500 home visits ·
  • We are a registered charity relying on donations from the local community ·
  • We cover nearly 360,000 adults across North Debyshire, High Peak and Dales ·
  • All our services are provided completely free of charge to patients and their families ·
  • We employ over 60 doctors, nurses and specialist clinical staff ·
  • 90p in every £1 donated to Ashgate Hospice is spent directly on patient care ·
  • Only 45% of our running costs are funded by the government ·
  • Every year we provide treatment, care and support to 1200 people affected by life limiting illness ·
  • One in three lives are touched by hospice care ·
  • We support children coming to terms with loss and bereavement ·
  • We support patients with any life limiting illness including cancer, heart failure and motor neurone disease ·
  • 370 dedicated volunteers add value to the work with Ashgate Hospice ·
  • Many in-patients are able to return home after treatment ·
  • Each year 3,000 people benefit directly from our services
  • We take a "holistic” approach looking after peoples’ clinical , practical, emotional and spiritual needs