Peak FM's #ProtectYourNHS

Helping Chesterfield Royal Hospital Charity during the Coronavirus crisis


Your donations will make a huge difference. Some words of thanks to Peak FM listeners from staff at the hospital

At this tough time Peak FM wants to help the brave heroes and key workers saving lives at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

We're supporting their charity campaign #ProtectYourNHS

Staff at the hospital are working tirelessly to help save lives and tackle the virus. The hospital's charity aims to help make their lives easier

Any donation, no matter how big or small will be appreciated

What the charity say...



"A lot has been made of how we’re all coping with this crisis and how our colleagues are getting the help they need emotionally and in terms of mental/physical health. This can range from creating a space for colleagues to use to get away from the clinical setting whilst still being close to the ward or department, access to alternative therapies, provision of mental health and wellbeing services.

We will be creating further resources for patients, including provision of basic essentials that would normally be provided by visitors (spare nightwear, toiletries, magazines, books, etc) to support them through the current situation, particularly those who may encounter longer stays with us.

Our charity gives the gift of ‘outstanding’ to the staff and patients of Chesterfield Royal Hospital


We’re looking for donations that will make a real difference at an unprecedented time of challenge within the NHS. #ProtectYourNHS aims to gift health and wellbeing experiences to staff as well as enhanced care and facilities to patients, protecting and supporting hardworking staff and vulnerable patients. Your donations will help provide essential care packages, mental health and wellbeing support for all staff.At a time when visiting is not possible, our charity can help make sure your loved ones have everything they need to make their hospital stay a positive experience"