Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes


MONDAY - Fit Brit Workout

TUESDAY - Glute Gains Workout

WEDNESDAY - Shred Workout

THURSDAY - Desk Demon Workout

FRIDAY - Lean & Tones Workout


Fit Brit Workout Plan

The Fit Brit challenge is the ultimate test of speed, strength and stamina.

Glute Gains Workout

The ultimate lower-body sculpting class, our freestyle group training (FGT) glute gains workout plan focuses on resistance bands to build lean muscle and add functional strength.

Shred Workout

This training programme is focused on the five disciplines of athletic performance: speed, high-intensity, resistance, endurance and dynamic training.

Desk Demon Workout

This workout is designed to help ‘loosen’ off the body for those that spend long periods of time sat down, and contains 3 different workouts.