We went, he saw and he crashed...

Here is the video!


We were able to get an on-board reaction as it happened...

You can see all the photo's from the evening right here

The results were...

1st  Chriss - Team Becky

2nd  Andrew - Team Sean

3rd  Robert - Team Becky

4th Mark Brailsford - Team Becky

5th Seans stand in

6th Storm Steele - Team Becky

7th Becky

8th Jude Corrie - Team Sean

9th Lisa Howard - Team Becky

10th James Howard - Team Sean

A massive thank you to evryone at Compass Motorcycle Training who ensured that safety was the most important thing for all of our team members and although pride was slightly beaten, thanks to Chris and the guys he was perfectly ok at the end of it all!

Based in Clay Cross, Chesterfield Compass are able to take full advantage of some of the best roads that Britain has to offer.
They organize ride out's for all types of rider, as well as cornering courses, track days, refresher and learner courses.
They ensure that all riders develop the skills to not only pass their test but to be a safe rider for life.
As with all of their courses, training is tailored to your needs and everything is done at your own pace.
You can even build up your confidence on a 125cc machine before progressing to a 500cc - you'll never feel pressured into doing anything that you're not ready for.