Cat's Diary

Cat's still got her diary from when she was 16... Just a few years ago, honestly!

She isn't sure a lot has changed, she still has no clue, lots of random ideas and maybe a few girly dramas!

Listen every Thursday to hear all about her teen dramas and maybe a few of today's.

Tell us about your embarrassing diary stories - just fill out the form below! 

Points make Prizes

Score less than 10 and you will get Brain freeze

Score 10 plus and get a Peak FM pen

Our Top Players Are

1. Chesterfield FC             Ian Evatt,             Score 8

2. Chesterfield Ops          Craig Arme           Score 7 

3. Queen of Soul              Beverley Knight    Score 5 

4. Chesterfield FC            Danielle Evatt       Score 5 

5. Comedian & Singer     Bernie Clifton        Score 1

6. Chesterfield FC           Sam Hird               Score 5

7. Rich Liddle                  Clay Cross             Score 5





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Cat's Diary