Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze  is a daily general knowledge quiz with a twist. Remember don’t answer the question we just asked you, answer the one before! You will be against the clock with just 60 seconds to get as many right answers as possible. Keep your brain, avoid Brain Freeze and earn a place on the leader board.

Your chance to play with Stu & Cat each morning at 8.20 am. Want to play? Register now by leaving your details below. Good Luck!

Points make Prizes

Score less than 10 and you will get Brain freeze

Score 10 plus and get a Peak FM pen

Our Top Players Are

1. Samantha Jane Mather  Chesterfield          Score 10

2. Chesterfield FC              Ian Evatt,              Score 8

3. Chesterfield Ops            Craig Arme           Score 7

4. Sam Jacques                 Chesterfield          Score 7

5. James Marples              Chesterfield          Score 7

6.  Mel Evans                    Chesterfield           Score 6

7. Daz Westwood             Hasland                 Score 7